Why Apple Music is worth every penny

apples-635240_1280Remember sometimes ago we chat about Taylor Swift made comments in regarding to Apple music not paying artists for playing their music on their new platform and since then things have changed.
Ok although Apple’s decision to offer a music streaming service that charges $9.99 when others offer free music streaming … Apple music PR has so smartly gotten Taylor Swift on their side – read our older post about this.
Playing the Music of Capitalism – WSJ Well capitalism is never dead.  Can you really make it if you live in a trailer park, no credentials, social or class advantages?  yes in America we can only hope …
I did not link to wall street journal as they ask me to log in or sign in or subscribe to read the news – Fck that …
Romiti I don’t know these are buzz words grass-roots music should we be like grass-roots audio services – pay the artist as we go … But soundclound apparently sign up root for artists such as Romiti. I don’t see Soundcloud like facebook????? nope.

Legally blind musician etched his name in Milwaukee’s music communitymusic community

Wow let’s cheer for this Rudy Moroder who is born legally blind to have his own music and gets recognitions. Yes Rudy Moroder left his stamp on the Milwaukee music scene with accordion and now as pianist. Man blind and is so musically gifted. Bravo to you Rudy. We cheer you on …



Music in the news

music-799257_1280Ok I am not alone in this decision.  Like the debacle about minimum wage artists want to be paid every single time their music play.  The only problem here is in order for fans to know about your new song you may have to post it on Youtube and thus people can illegally or even legally download from Youtube.  Recently, Google has introduced a very tight song policy, and that you can’t use the song that is not public property. Artist works very hard for their craft.  They have to create the song, find the singer and mix them.  So much work just to make a song and for us to enjoy.  No matter who we are young or old music enriches our lives, and so I hope there will be a way artists get paid for their songs, and we get to enjoy them without breaking the bank.  Unfortunately so many dirty grabbers out there who only think of themselves and nobody else thus you and I, we are the legitimate supporters of paid artists movements are going to take a very large chunk of our own money to pay for all the illegal downloaded.  So you want to read more about the leaked contract of Apple music and see exactly how they plan to pay a royalty to artists.   Leaked Contract Shows Apple Music Royalties Numbers – HipHopDX

Ok now that Apple is jumping into digital downloads business they want to have a piece of the pie.  I am all for digital download as I really do not venture out of my chair in my office (hehehe) and I would like to just download songs that I like.  Sometimes in the recent past, I purchased the entire album and found that I only like ONE song in that album.  Hummmm so digital downloads is great and if and only if they don’t make a big deal about payment – sometimes it takes so many routes to get to pay.  Make it fast, easy and affordable and I am your fan.  Apple wants a lead role in streaming music – Phys.org

Ok I know some of the musicians are very radical and rare and wonderful.  Some artists just go over the board with their antics, but they are considered as ‘ART’ist  Anything weird and unexplainable can be coin “art.”  Well at least, this is something I think … However, in the news I caught wind of these interesting hidden social messages. Click on this link and check it out for yourselves. Chandu Shikari: Funniest music video with hidden social messages

Ok don’t we have enough of Madonna and her sisters?  In the news, people are talking about Nicki Minaj to join Madona in her upcoming “Bitch; I’m Madonna.”  I don’t care, but it seems we as the society are thrilled on wackiness and weirdness and meanness.  Look at Miley Cyrus … she is kind of known but not as much as now when she goes into the world of rudeness and wackiness with her sexually overtone’s songs and actions.  And believe it or not her YouTube channel and/or clones channels often receiving 100+ millions views.  It goes to say we like those kinds of things …   Madonna Recruits All-Star Lineup For Latest Music Video – X17 Online Read more about Miley Cyrus’s latest sexual stuffs.  The week in music: the Apple Music launch, Miley Cyrus’s latest sexual



Best music record of all time Dire Straits

When it comes to best musical records of all time we can’t talk about Dire Straits. Here’s one of my best albums of Dire Straits.

And by no means this is the only one best music record of all time. I just love music, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. I love different genres as well. My boyfriend is a musician himself and someday perhaps his name is going to be shining in all its glories.

Musicians are not like anything or anyone else out there. They have their own love, and they do everything to master their skills, and you know as many as musicians as there are promoters. Music is transcendental, and it lives in our heart forever and ever.

A cheer to Dire Straits – and where have you been?

Vinyl Record Label In The News Jarrett Koral

vinyl-308761_1280I happened to know few music artists and their dedications to their craft and the sheer level of sacrifice everything for the art has sometimes made me wonder.  In the recent past I do not wish to pay for any musical CD but listened to them via Youtube.  I did own few cds that I really love.  However, majority at the time I just tune into Youtube and find out what is new out there.

Most often I am drawn to old classical and timeless pieces … I listened to them over and over again, and I never felt so tired to listen to them.  Music has filled my heart and my soul in such a way nothing else ever comes close.

Thus when I read in the latest news today about this kid.  His name is Jarrett Koral, and he is only 17 years old.  He is selling music via Vinyl format and not digital download or even CD.

Artists work very hard for their crafts. From writing the song, to mix them and to master then it requires hours and hours in perfecting the sounds.   Artists often start out with not a lot of money, and you know if you see one successful artist, there are millions of unknown and unheard heroes out there.  They work in the dark of the night because they have to get up and go to their daily job to support their love.  However, relentlessly they come up with song after song with hope in their heart that somebody from Sony record or any other record company whisks them up out of their humdrum of the daily lives into the lives they know and feel they deserve.

Artists are so amazing in their spirit of serving.  I am sure in the back of each artist they dream of a day they are basked in the glories of the lime light yet many have lived to see it.  So let’s support our artists and stop buying songs, and music or illegal downloads and to pay them outright from the hard earned of our money and the grease of our own labors.  Artists demand respects even if you don’t like their music.  Never thrash a song just because you don’t like it.  They’ve worked with all of their hearts and souls.

So when I read about this kid who starts his individual Record label, and his idea is just to help out.  I feel so touched in my own soul for such a young and spirited entrepreneur.  Let’s applaud this effort and support their grass root movements in bringing back the beauty of vinyl records.

Plastic fantastic: the Detroit teenager with his own vinyl record label


Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ breaks Vevo record music industry news

shield-417828_1280Guess what? Taylor Swift Bad Blood breaks Vevo record and it comes just the right time.  Imagine what love can bring. Well I must tribute this success to her very likable image and lately with a new boyfriend.  I’ve always liked Taylor Swift you know. Sometimes I feel man … God has his favorite when He created Taylor Swift – young, beautiful and rich and now having a handsome boyfriend to boot.  Life is sweet right?  Well that is not over yet – she is walking away with 8 tropies including Top Female vocalist.

Watch it here http://www.vevo.com/watch/USCJY1531563

Ok when I read to this news- not sure about you but who is Karlie Kloss?
Karlie Kloss wants Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video to become a movie NONONONONONO… I don’t think so. Sorry but movie to me is having a beginning, middle and end part. Music video is not good enough for a movie. Who is this Karlie Kloss talking about. It’s crazy. What do you think? For me no way man – movie has to be at least 1.5 hours minimum. I can’t stand to think I have to sit there and watch bad movie for 1.5 hours. please don’t. Private words to Karlie Kloss – I know you think a world of Taylor and I think personally Taylor is great and the music video is OK – really folks- I don’t really like that kind of music but I do like her other music. Any way each is his own – why not capitalized on it?????

Wow this is match made in heaven and million dollars without my consent is going on the record. Music is big folks. And as many as so many talented artists out there it is hard to imagine we need another record label.  But hey the strength is in the number and the bigger is the better.  I wish someday that the little guy can win. Like a self promoted their own record labels without paying an arm and a leg.  Artists are not making the money ok – let’s make this very clear.  Record label companies make all the money. BMG acquires US label Rise Records in multi-million dollar deal – Music Business Worldwide

Well this is something I really like to see.  Now everybody and everybody is loading up their music to Sound Cloud and you know according to this report Sound Cloud is not paying artists ANY MONEY at all to play their songs.  I’ve seen some of the Facebook widget play Sound Cloud songs and there are options to pay. But how much of that going to artist’s pocket?  So now Sony is lined up with Ultra records and fight Sound Cloud.  What side are you on? For me I am on the side that pays the artists the most.  If you know how much work going into making music you will not stealing music from artists and you would not just upload your great songs to Sound Cloud and not getting paid.  Why don’t you take your songs off there and put over at Ultra records and/or over at Spotify????? Why don’t you? Ultra Records CEO Patrick Moxey Backs Sony In Soundcloud Fight – Music Times

Well dreams do come true for artist when they got signedup with Sony.  Who wouldn’t want to be in that spot? Sony/ATV is now a frontline record label (sort of) – Music Business Worldwide.

Well Sony if you happen to read this blog – here’s a very cool artist that is just unknown now but if you caught them early you may make history together.  They are just so so so organic.

Heart Throb …. kleenex please – the guitar guy man – he is HOT HOT HOT.

Dolly Parton is one of the music singer that I respect and love.  There is something so undeniable about her songs and her emotions and you can hear it in the international debut “Jolene”. I love it, don’t you?


Record Bin: How Dolly Parton exposed country music’s vulnerable heart on … – Nooga.com

Quality Control Music Signs Joint Venture With Capitol Music Group & Motown … – Billboard


World In Motion

earth-661447_1280Our life is world in motion. Never for a moment we don’t think of something to do but you know to be is more of a normal mode of being.  In my house right now there are breathing of a 10 years old who is sound asleep and his daddy is in another room.  And me, I am sitting in front of my computer writing this post. I would like a cup of coffee just now but it seems I heard faint voice calling me coming to bed.

Would life be any better or less if we don’t spend with someone we love? When I was younger I thought I could live alone and you know to be really and frankly honest yes I can live alone but do I want to?

My dog died few months ago and I could talk to him. You may think I am crazy but am I? I really talked to my dog.  This morning out in the yard right next to where we buried him I softly requested his present. But he told me this time mommy I really  love you but you want to let me go now. Maybe you should get 2 more dogs. I thought about getting 2 Chihuahua. I just love them so much.

Well another time and another time I will come back here and post again. I know I will.